Slow cooking utilizing a crockpot.

Slow cooking utilizing a crockpot.

Numerous of your preferred recipes can be effectively adapted to the crockpot or slow cooker if you adhere to a couple of easy guidelines. You will discover a simple time/temperature guide for converting recipes, some do’s and don’ts for particular components and a handful of suggestions for creating your slow cooker dishes a lot more flavorful.


Typically, liquids could be diminished in slow cooking – a basic rule of thumb is about half the advised sum. Unless of course the dish includes rice or pasta, one cup of liquid is Typically adequate.

Pasta and Rice

When recipes call for cooked pasta to be additional, cook it until finally just somewhat tender just before incorporating to the pot. Add a single/four added liquid per a single/four cup uncooked rice, and use extended grain converted rice for the greatest final results. For prolonged-cooking recipes, add cooked rice shortly prior to serving.


It truly is Normally ideal to soak beans overnight just before cooking them in the crockpot. Ahead of including sugar or acidic components, the beans must be softened 1st, both in the slow cooker or on the stove prime. If your recipe consists of tomatoes, salt, or other acidic elements, the beans ought to be tender ahead of starting.

Herbs and Spices

Ground herbs and spices tend to dissipate over lengthy cooking instances, so it truly is very best to add them close to the end of cooking. Total herbs release flavors over time, so are a very good decision for crockpot cooking. You must taste and change seasonings, if needed, ahead of serving.


Milk, sour cream, and cream break down over lengthy intervals of cooking, and must be additional for the duration of the final hour. Condensed cream soups are great substitutions for milk and can be cooked for prolonged instances. “Healthier,” or diminished unwanted fat cream soups can be utilised in any recipe as a substitute.

Cheeses don’t Normally keep up over long intervals of cooking, so ought to be additional close to the end of cooking, or use processed cheeses and spreads.


Add water only to cover elements in soup, and add far more following cooking if essential for a thinner soup.

For milk primarily based soups, add one particular or two cups of water and for the duration of the final hour, stir in milk, evaporated milk, or cream as known as for.


Dense Greens like potatoes, carrots, and other root Greens must be reduce no bigger than one particular” thick, and positioned in the bottom of the pot, because they consider longer to cook

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